Preferred Dentist started out talking to people in our local malls about dentists and toothbrushes and general oral health.  We found that many people wanted a good sonic electric toothbrush at a reasonable price.  After some research we located and began to introduce our Preferred Sonic electric toothbrush with a UV sanitizer via Amazon.

As we talked to more and more dentists, patients and parents; we came to understand just how much oral health goes hand in hand with a person’s overall fitness plans.  It was clear to see that daily brushing and flossing even with regular dental office visits is not successful if a person does not also have a nutritious diet and enough physical activity to keep the body’s circulation moving.

We started researching different nutrition and fitness sites and found quite a few with good, sensible information.  So we decided to expand our reach and our motto was born: Fitness from Teeth to Toes.


We have continued to expand our Preferred Sonic toothbrush line and broadened our site to bring you tips on fitness and good eating from some very smart people.

Most recently we have started to increase the number of competent and qualified dentists who list their contact information on our site to help you locate a good dentist near you.  Finding an excellent dentist that you like to see regularly will help  prevent future dental problems.

Our mission is to help you make rewarding choices by providing education and resources at your fingertips.





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