Fitness and Oral Health Can Work Together

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If you are currently focusing on improving your fitness level, here is some good news: it is very easy to incorporate oral health into a diet and exercise regimen so that the health of your mouth improves alongside your fitness level.

It All Comes Down to Diet

Choosing a healthy diet with the widespread information available today is not exactly hard. One of the most basic rules is to limit the consumption of refined sugar because this substance has little nutritional value and carries a lot of calories. However, the negative aspects of sugar can reach farther than your waistline. Sugar plays a significant role in the process of tooth decay. Harmful bacteria feed on sugar, and when they do, they give off an acid byproduct that can damage teeth. The acid can rob teeth of their enamel, and over time as the damage compounds, a cavity can form. Thus, simply by limiting your consumption of sugar, you can protect your teeth and lower your calorie intake.

Fighting Against Snacking

Following a healthy diet sounds simple enough in theory. In practice, however, it can be very difficult. People often say that they do just fine at mealtimes, but find themselves tempted to snack. When snacking, they tend to reach for bad foods, which can spoil a diet very quickly. There are, however, a few tips that can help. For example, exercise is actually a valuable tool for preventing snacking. Research shows that by doing cardiovascular exercise, you can curb your appetite for over an hour, allowing you to make it to your next meal. You can also use your oral health regimen to your advantage to avoid late night snacking. Simply by brushing your teeth, you can send a message to your body that snacking is not an option.

Schedule a Visit with Your Dentist

Dental cleanings are another very important part of ensuring a healthy mouth. If you are past due for a cleaning, don’t wait any longer. Contact your dentist office today  to schedule an appointment or a consultation.

Author: Preferred Dentist - Preferred Sonic

Preferred Dentist is centered around our Preferred Sonic Electric Toothbrush, a good toothbrush at a reasonable cost available via Amazon. We know that good oral health also requires seeing a good dentist regularly, eating well and getting one's metabolism moving consistently. So we have teamed up with like minded groups to help you incorporate oral health with your overall fitness plan; our motto is Fitness from Teeth to Toes.

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